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2024-07-17   星期三
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We offer such services as tax attestation, tax consultation, tax planning, tax agency, transfer pricing, preparation of contemporaneous documentation.

In order to strengthen and regulate the tax management, improve the tax payment service quality, and reduce the tax risk of enterprises, the tax authority requires the taxpayers to submit the attestation report on some tax-related affairs issued by a tax agency.

We will assist the enterprises to regulate the tax declaration and reduce the tax risk from a professional perspective.

The tax-related attestation services include, but are not limited to:
Attestation of annual enterprise income tax clearance;
Attestation of pre-tax loss remedy of enterprises;
Attestation of land VAT declaration;
Attestation of pre-enterprise-income-tax deduction of the asset losses of enterprises;
Attestation of additional deduction of R&D expenses;
Attestation of additional deduction of the wages of the disabled employed;
Attestation of the recognition of high-tech enterprises;
Attestation of the cancellation of tax registration and tax clearance; and
other tax attestations.

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