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2024-06-25   星期二

Shanghai Congxin Certified Public Accountants Firm is a social audit institution established with the approval of the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau in July 2005. Since its establishment, we have successfully provided various types of services, including audit, accounting, tax-related authentication, management consulting, and financial supervision, to thousands of enterprises and institutions. We have accumulated extensive professional experience and possess strong expertise. Our firm holds specialized qualifications for high-tech enterprise certification audits and also collaborates with other organizations to conduct audits for listed companies, as well as companies listed on the New Third Board and other securities-related businesses.

Our firm primarily consists of registered Chinese certified public accountants, with all staff members having a university education. Many of our team members hold master's degrees and senior professional titles, and some are certified Chinese tax agents, asset appraisers, cost engineers, as well as qualified professionals in international organizations like ACCA, AIA, and the Australian IPA. Our staff members undergo rigorous professional training and ethical education, and they are passionate, diligent, and dedicated to making our work more effective. Additionally, our firm has an advisory team composed of experts in relevant industries to provide professional support.

"Our foundation is built on trustworthiness, adherence to guidelines, and respect for clients." We are committed to providing professional services and solutions to create and add value for our clients. We adhere to the principle that "quality is vitality, and service is competitiveness." We uphold independence, objectivity, and fairness, strictly follow professional guidelines, and adhere to ethical standards. Our service philosophy is: Professional, Objective, Enthusiastic, and Efficient. We maintain a people-oriented, integrity-based, and steady development philosophy, relying on the rich professional knowledge and practical experience of all our staff to work diligently, forge ahead, and wholeheartedly provide high-quality professional services to our clients.

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